Voice Clinic

Voice is not just the sound that comes from your throat, but the feelings that come from your words – Jennifer Donnelly


Complete Voice rest and Anti- GERD / Inflammatory medications are advised. Review is very essential. For conditions such as Vocal polyps, Vocal cord paralysis, Tumors which are unresponsive to our initial line of medical management are advised surgical options. Micro-Laryngeal Surgery with LASER , COBLATOR are used in our institution for better and accurate results. This is a day care procedure toeing International standards and patient is discharged 24 hours from the time of surgery.

Video Stroboscopy

We at RR Hospital, are the pioneers in setting up a Voice clinic in Madurai as we were the FIRST ENT Specialists in Madurai to use Video Stroboscopy.

The stroboscopy test uses a rapidly flashing light to examine the voice-box (larynx) and the vocal cords. It is a quick procedure that helps in the diagnosis of the underlying problems that may be causing voice issues, such as hoarseness.

This method is recognised as an objective, repetitive and non-invasive approach to accelerate early diagnosis in laryngeal carcinoma, vocal nodules, vocal fold paresis, larynx oedema, functional dysphonia and presbyphonia. The mucosal wave is a particularly important parameter in the stroboscopic examination.

The stroboscopy exam only takes 1-2 minutes. We will have you try different sounds and pitches with your voice so that we can see how the tissues respond to different demands.

Stroboscopy is a basic examination that is performed for every patient with a “hoarse” voice. … A small endoscope camera ( a small rigid or flexible tube) is placed either through the nose or through the mouth just above the vocal folds. The strobe light then flashes on and off as often as the vocal folds vibrate.

This is a complete painless procedure.

Video Diagnostic Laryngoscopy

With you comfortably seated, a small narrow, highly flexible telescope (fibreoptic endoscope) through your nose and into the back of your throat. This is a complete painless 2 to 5 minutes procedure.

This gives the most detailed view of your throat and larynx with its vocal folds. In almost every patient it gives an instant and accurate diagnosis. It also allows us to ask you to talk/sing/swallow so that we can see your larynx working. This examination in the clinic means that people do not have to be admitted to hospital (as was necessary in the past) and most people only require a small amount of local anaesthetic to be placed in the nose. The examination is NOT painful and even children and the most nervous adults can be successfully examined without distress.